Summit Lake Community Church_Distant Shot

Summit Lake Community Church is a non-denominational, Bible-based and Gospel-centered church sitting on 5 beautiful acres just outside of Olympia.

We are a unique church, committed to enjoying the freedom of the Gospel. Our theme is Galatians 5:1: For freedom Christ has set us free…” This verse reminds us that God has saved us through Jesus Christ not to enslave us to laws but to free us in love. Through His life, death, and resurrection, Jesus has set us free from our sin—its penalty and its power. The result is that we are finally liberated to enjoy the relationships with God and others we were made for (Matt 22:37-40).

We are liberated in our relationship with God because we are fully assured of His love for us in Jesus. We don’t ever have to fear His punishment. We don’t have to wonder if we are O.K. with Him. We don’t have to worry about whether or not we’re doing enough to keep Him happy with us. We know that because of Jesus, God loves us fully and unconditionally. There is nothing we can do to lose our favored status with Him. Nothing can separate us from the love of God which is in Christ (Rom 8:35-39). He has loved us and has given us everything we need to thrive spiritually in His love, and We are freed to love Him in return.

We are also liberated in our relationships with one another. Needless to say, relationships with other people can be hard. It is so difficult to get along with others; it’s even more difficult to feel safe with others. People always seem to hurt or disappoint us. We find ourselves stuck in this awkward place with people where we can’t seem to live with them, and we can’t seem to live without them. The good news is that the Gospel frees us in this area as well. Knowing that we are fully loved and accepted by God because of Christ, and knowing that we really do have everything we need in Him helps us to release our expectations for people and to freely love and accept them the way they are.

That’s what we are all about at our church. God is working in our midst, creating a  Gospel-centered environment in which we can share with one another the freedom and safety we have with Him. So feel free to come as you are and experience His love and grace for yourself!