“Authenticity, kindness beyond measure, pure grace, free to be me – all this and more is my personal experience at SLCC” – Linda

“SLCC is a grace-centered community. I have always been hesitant to open myself up to ‘church people’ out of fear of judgment. SLCC is a safe place for me to be honest about who I am. I believe God is at work here!” ~ Sean

“We are grateful to have found SLCC when we moved to the area recently. It has been a blessing to be part of a humble and authentic church family. We especially appreciate the faithful teaching of the Bible each week–a great encouragement.” ~ Doug & Barbara

“I grew up without religion being a large factor in my life. I have found love, understanding and most of all God. I see him in my every day now. I’ve cried when I have felt Jesus’ sacrifice and asked “why me?” And I have lived so many days giving my thanks to him. I am so grateful to be touched by such an amazing community of people.” ~ Jessica

“You drive up to SLCC and know right off that it is not one of your run-of-the-mill church experiences.  There is a sweet blend of people from all over the area.  The service is simple and focused on feeding God’s truth to the family there.  The pastors are humble, sincere men that have a passion for studying the Word and living it out… and then challenging us to that end.” ~ Apryl

“SLCC was everything we had been looking for in a church. I recall our very first visit and we felt and were welcomed from the very first day! I remember sitting in the fellowship hall and EVERYONE wanted to get to know us right away, such a friendly, loving group! We met the pastor and his wife and we asked SO MANY QUESTIONS, but they didn’t mind. They answered every single question with such love and patience. We didn’t feel rushed nor did we feel like the pastor was ever NOT paying attention to us. We had his undivided attention. And that is exactly why we made that our home church from that moment, on. We grew as Believers constantly, in a way we had never grown before. We grew in The Word, in compassion for others, loving others, and we definitely grew in the understanding that my sin was no better (or worse) than anyone else’s! It is, in my opinion, the best church in Thurston County! About a year ago we moved back to Bakersfield, CA and we searched and searched for a church even remotely close to what we had at SLCC and it is just NON existent here and that saddens our family so much! But THANK GOD, we can listen to Pastor Jeff’s sermons online! But it is not at all the same as being there learning, growing, serving and fellowshipping with Pastor Jeff and the entire SLCC body! We miss them so much!” ~ Maricela